HIPAA Compliance Consultants will put its 15+ years of industry knowledge to work for you. Our HIPAA compliance program will get your office trained, up to date and on the fast track to HIPAA compliance.

What we offer

  • Analysis:  We will come to your office and perform a complete HIPAA analysis. We will comb through your polices and procedures (if they exist) to determine what changes will have to be made for compliance. We will audit your computer systems to determine if they meet HIPAA Privacy standards.

  • Budget:  We will work with your office to custom design a budget for expenses directly attributable to HIPAA compliance.

  • Project Plan:  We will devise a project plan with a timeline on all of your HIPAA compliance issues.

  • Practice Management Software Audit:  We will audit your current practice management system and rate how it complies with HIPAA. We will contact your practice management software vendor on your behalf to discuss any issues as necessary.

  • Training:  We will train your staff onsite on all of the HIPAA regulations regarding EDI, Privacy and Security.

  • Documentation Set:  We will create a full HIPAA compliant document set to be kept onsite and maintained as necessary by your staff.

  • Future:  We will be your "eyes and ears" regarding updates and additions to the HIPAA rules and regulations.

  • Support: This program provides up to 4 hours of phone, email and fax consultation for support. Additional yearly support to keep your office in compliance is available upon request.

This program includes three on-site visits.

During the first onsite visit we will analyze your office inside and out and collect all the data necessary for your complete HIPAA compliance documentation set.

After we document our findings and our recommended solutions we will come back to your office for our second visit to inform you of our findings and deliver to you a complete HIPAA documentation set.

During the second office visit we will also train your staff on all the HIPAA rules and regulations. The third site visit will be an unscheduled visit to audit your compliance efforts.


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